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Ok, some of these would piss me off if I had to sit through and watch them. Also, some people are downright stupid sometimes. If you hit these guys on their site (below clip) you will see they have a ton of top 10’s that are sure to make you laugh…enjoy



You ever heard of a monopoly? Ever known someone who had something no one else did? I know a lot of people like this; some are awesome people, majority are not. When I was young, my friend had a computer. This was a big deal because computers were not a household name back n the 90’s. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I had a computer in my house until I was 20 years old. Never the less, he had one. And it was a nice one for the time too. I remember going over his house with my other buddy. We would all play on the computer, more them than me. See, they were good buddies, I just knew them. It was awesome to sit and watch them play countless games and I would be cheering on the side line until it was my turn. I would get to play like one round, or one game, then back to them. I learned an important lesson growing up seeing these things happen. People are assholes. (more…)

Check this out; this guy’s hilarious. First time I heard this I laughed my ass off. The best ones are the lines that aren’t meant to be funny…enjoy.


It’s impossible for me to be happy. Well, not totally impossible; my family makes me happy. Never the less, more often than not I see the endless dreary side of life that never goes away. The side that rears its ugly head when you least want it to. You know, the side that helps you to realize your poor when your credit card gets declined. Or, the side that makes you tired when you get off of work at 5 then have dinner, kids and bills to think about. What about having debt that seems impossible to get on top of, or, a truck battery dying a couple of days after spending paychecks on Christmas. That side. Its like every thing we do in life leads to a consequence; good or bad it leads to something. (more…)


Is this guy really about to try this? Massive props for even having the balls to think of trying this. Good to have science on your side too…enjoy.


Check it out, The Lonely Island.

I love these guys and what they’re doing. Its good, funny music. Like a little comedy skit in every song. Only bad thing is, not all of their songs have videos to enjoy with them. This is one of their more mainstream songs but check out the link below to see all their crazy stuff. One of my fav’s is Santana DVX. Almost all of their songs are uncomfortably edgy, its funny. Enjoy, plenty more to come…


I think I’ll be looking at all the pics we took yesterday a lot in the next couple of days, we had a blast! My family and I love Disneyland. We go as often as we can, and now that we have passes again; we will most-likely be going a lot in 2012. There are so many things to love about Disneyland, it is hard to count. And, yes, there is a crap-load of stuff not to like about Disneyland. Parking, lines, cost…

But, when all is said and done, the things you can do and the fun you can have with the whole Disney experience is something you can not get anywhere else. It is truly something that is unique to those that are lucky enough to partake in it. With that being said, here are some awesome pics of people, places and things that made our day one to remember.


If you think my daughter is nervous here, your right. This is whats called shock and awe-some..

My kids and I just got done going on Pirates when my boy had to use the bathroom. I took him, and mom and sis went to look in a store. When we came out and met up, I was waved over to come see whatever was so darn important that made my wife say grab the camera. We love everything Nightmare Before Christmas. My boy went nuts, grabbing his autograph book and cutting in front of waiting families. I brought him back to the fam and when we got to see Jack, it was very rewarding to see how happy they were. Jack asked my boy what wild animals he eats… He told my daughter to have a “spooky good” day… He talked just like the man in the movie, only thing missing was Zero. But, we didn’t notice, got 5 or 10 great pics that I will keep forever… (more…)