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This ones hilarious. But, its short. Oh well. I think I would lose my mind if this happened to me. I’m not down with tricks like this played on me. But other people…it’s a riot!!! Enjoy…



One of my favorite athletes growing up was Shawn Kemp. This dude was a beast for the Seattle Sonics. I remember my dad took me to see them play the Lakers when I was little. Of course, the Lakers whooped there but. There was however a short stint when Seattle was the team to beat. They had Kemp, Gary Peyton and Detlef Schrempf. Man, they were explosive.

Especially Kemp. He was known for his sick dunks and his crazy antics. Unfortunately he was also known for his childish behavior and never showing up to practice on time or at all. He was an all-star and one of the top 5 gifted dunkers in the league. Period. Here is a highlight reel of some of his more memorable throw downs…enjoy.


With all these internet goofball pictures out right now; it’s hard not to laugh. Even I must admit, some of these things are stupidly hilarious. To me, this is some creative ass thinking. When someone over-dramatizes the most idiotic things, it deserves a laugh. Now, I am very big on being against some of these internet fads going around. However, I myself have been dooped. But, I’m okay with it. These are frickin hilarious… hope you enjoy.

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Check this out. It’s called the Tough Mudder. My buddy, being another Marine, does a Mud Run once a year on Camp Pendleton. He’s about 10 years older than me and has twice the endurance I do. Makes me want to get out more and work out and run. Anyways, the mud run is great; these guys took it to the next level. Check out this video of their race in AZ. When your about 1:40 min in and you see some yellow cords hanging down; realize those are shock cables… Sounds fun huh? Anyways…enjoy!


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To say that Fox has the best shows on TV right now; might be pushing it. Your right. But, have you ever sat down and actually thought about all the shows you liked growing up? Try these out for size: In Living Color, Cops, Married with Children, Malcom in the Middle, Melrose Place. Remember those? That’s right; all Fox. Now let me go head and get into 7 more just for shits and gigs…enjoy.



Gotta check these guys out. I would say you’re getting a gem here, but, 5 seconds is not a gem. These guys make all their films around 5 seconds long. Hence, the name 5 second films. Check em out at:

Today you’re getting a 3 piece…enjoy.


Might be the video of the month. This is classic. Guy calls, emails and writes celebrities trying to get over to their house to sleep over… That’s right, sleepover. He just says “hey, do ya mind” and they say “sure why not”. Hilarious!!! I always applaud people like this for putting themselves out there like that. It makes for good reality cmedy…enjoy!


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