End it, quickly…

Don’t even say goodbye to any of your friends, if you have any. Don’t text us, don’t FB that shit. No one gives a fuck on your status; we never have and never will. Just take a walk and don’t come back. No seriously, please don’t.

Let me get this straight, you’re mad because your broke and you don’t work?… Holding out for that perfect job huh?  I’ll help you out; if I were an employer I would not hire you. Here are some reasons why:

– You smell like you washed your clothes with cigarette butts in the pocket.

– You have about two or three outfits at the most. And to make it worse; two of those shirts have a printed picture on it. Usually of a rock star or a band from the 80’s of some kind.

– You’re talking at like 90 miles per hour. Which means you either are high or your fucking crazy, the stupid high crazy that no one likes…

– You have no transportation other than a “ride” from whoever is around you at the time. And you’re going to need a ride home.

– When you say you’re going home, that can mean up to 3 different places.

-You have a flip phone that, god forbid, someone fucking scratches. Or better yet, you get mad when your flip phone isn’t working properly…

– You literally think you get ripped off no matter how much you pay for anything. IE.. you paid $1.07 for a cheeseburger and asked the guy at McDonald’s “when did you guys start charging tax”.

– You clean… and by you cleaning, I mean you shine forks and deep clean carpets and furniture.

– You save everything, from old cell-phone chargers to shirts that don’t fit anymore. You own 6 jackets but cannot produce your birth certificate if you were asked.

I think its best we not even waste our time with this anymore.

You won’t ever get hired because your you. Not because you lack post-8th grade education or that you would show up to your interview 2 hours early because you think your making a good impression.(Even though your just creeping everyone out) It’s because your high on stupid. You make bad decisions, you impress no one. You’re regularly inconvenient to be around. I’m sure things will get better for you as life goes on. I can’t see you on the street forever. Just until you’re like 50 when you die form a coke or heroin overdose…so, keep your head up.



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