What was that? Someone posted something funny about their phone auto correcting itself? You don’t say… Wow, that sounds hilarious. No, wait, it doesn’t… Even though a bunch of 11 year olds thought that was funny, no human adult did. Let me take that back, no adult that’s not a complete douche bag did. Let’s set something straight real quick. The whole auto correct pictures thing should have died about 7 seconds after it started.

If you look at any one of those, they are almost all the same. And, the sad thing is; millions are lining up to see what’s next. I wish those same people would line up to get their share of a full-body ass whooping. And, a dual beat down if you thumbs up’d or liked it. If you are that person, you have fallen prey to what is wrong in America. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these:

         Ha! That was so funny… And none of those look made up. They’re all so real…

How embarrassing… give me a break. You know who reads and likes these? The trashy/trendy kid on the street corner. You know the one with earphones in 24/7 for no fucking reason at all? I can see this guy just taking his multi-colored fingernails and texting his friend’s what he just saw.

Oh my god, this is so funny… LMFAO!:) You have to see this! ._.

Go fucking die alone somewhere. Pack a bag, leave a note and go. That way we can all go on with our fucking shit. If you seriously treasure the humor that comes from these, park your car in a closed garage and suck the air down till it’s over. Trust me no ones gonna say hey what ever happened to that stupid fuck that kept bugging the shit out of us with those darn auto corrects… You know what, if you did do that, here would be my fucking smartphowned:


  1. I cannot stop laughing over here. So beyond funny!

  2. travnc says:

    So glad to hear!!!

    I remember first couple times reading those things thinking, “are you serious”? They are almost too perfectly planned out ya know…

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

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