And the alright 80’s band is sounding awesome!

I mean, they weren’t that bad. Actually if you liked british/punk/electro rock from the 80’s, they were killer. Never the less, the band was least of my concerns. I was sitting on a six-pack an hour into dinner at a place called The Olde Ship.

If you have never been here before, I highly recommend it. The place was awesome. I’m a sucker for “old style” dining. What I mean by this is that I love the ambiance and feel of a dark, cluttered and overly loud place to eat. You don’t see that sort of nostalgic combination anymore so you gotta enjoy it while you can. The Olde Ship delivers on all of this and more. Heck, even our server had a British accent! The band was real cool as they stopped by our table, (located towards the center of the restaurant), and said “hi”. The bartender was about 3 feet away; just close enough for him to hear the server ask what kind of shots he thinks we should do.

About the food; don’t come here if you’re not prepared to eat. The portions are generous and the variety of what is on the plate is insane. Last night I got the beef Wellington. First off, they had only a handful of these in the kitchen, making it even more special to have. It came with gravy all over the bread wrapped beef. It also came with gravy all over the mashed potatoes, green beans, peas and carrots that were also on the plate. On the side of all this were those cubed potatoes with the skin on them still. Deeply seasoned and a little bit crunchy. The steak was delicious, the gravy pulled everything together and the beer helped wash it all down.


Definitely looking forward to going here again. Last night we were invited here and met up with some people. But, I would also set this up as a place to take my friends and family to celebrate or maybe just go for a drink. The Olds Ship we went to is located at 1120 West 17th St. in Santa Ana, CA. And of course they have other locations. Check them out on their site at: Make sure to check out their hearty menu and cool photo’s before you go…enjoy! 


  1. so fun says:

    great place!

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