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Under Construction…

Posted: 2012/02/06 in 5,7,9, ep videos, People

So sorry folks. EP will be shut down for a bit. Hope to have the Blog back up shortly here before the weekend is over. Thanks, and see ya soon!


With the big game coming up, it’s probably a good idea to go over some proper etiquette. These guys are hilarious. If you get a chance, check them out at: I think everyone knows one of these guys and is probably dealing with them tomorrow. Good luck to you if you are! Having the proper tools like “looking up a bunch of stuff about football on Google before the game” is an awesome way to be a douche on Super Sunday! Enjoy…


Technology is amazing isn’t it?

I mean really. If you know me; you know I am really saying how I feel right now. Technology IS amazing. It is so amazing that I can’t even fathom or believe some of the stuff people are coming out with. I have seen things like holographic displays from a phone to wall to wall TV screens. I have seen a 3D printer that is about the size of a shoebox; maybe a little bigger. It truly is a fact that technology is so rapidly developing. Unfortunately, when your me; you don’t get to play with that new technology or get access to it right away. This being said; I hate my GPS… And that is an understatement… (more…)