Technology is amazing isn’t it?

I mean really. If you know me; you know I am really saying how I feel right now. Technology IS amazing. It is so amazing that I can’t even fathom or believe some of the stuff people are coming out with. I have seen things like holographic displays from a phone to wall to wall TV screens. I have seen a 3D printer that is about the size of a shoebox; maybe a little bigger. It truly is a fact that technology is so rapidly developing. Unfortunately, when your me; you don’t get to play with that new technology or get access to it right away. This being said; I hate my GPS… And that is an understatement…

I had the fortunate opportunity to be part of a college accreditation. The college was a trade school type college and one of their programs was being looked at for accreditation. I was chosen as a public member and got to sit on the committee that makes the decision if the accreditation is going to happen or not. Long story short, I felt like an important bad ass… it was nice. I get on the freeway and head out. The thing is, I have been this way or to this city or close to it a million times. But you know how it goes. You get a new GPS, you want to use it. Even if you’re going across the street.

Here’s the deal. My GPS; not the most expensive. Not the most technologically sound if you catch my drift. It literally sucks, I mean it doesn’t but it does. Ya know? This radio I have in my truck does like 40 things; but the GPS is off and wacky to say the least. But hey, this could be a wide spread GPS thing. Kind of like a list of common symptoms. Never the less; mine pissed me off. On more than one occasion… In a way, my GPS was like someone giving me directions that had only been there once but swore they knew where it was. You know the “oh, we’ll be fine guy”. At one point here is what my GPS told me:

In 900 yards, stay left on CA63 … In 500 Yards, stay left on CA 63…. In 200 Yards, stay left on CA 63… Stay Left…

So apparently, this particular piece of shit GPS thinks it is necessary to break my directions down lame-ass style. Just so that I don’t forget to stay left after it reminds me 6 miles ahead of time. At this point, I’m furious. Driving like an idiot. Just hating my life because every one of my songs is getting interrupted by Sonya, the freakishly over controlling GPS voice. I scramble to turn off the GPS, of course hitting every other button on the radio before accomplishing this. Once I do get the GPS off, I realize I need it because after that I don’t know exactly what street to get off on.

So I turn it back on and keep driving. My GPS stores the last route and starts me on that again. Helpful, but more than usual: annoying as fuck. So I return to the directions and as soon as I turn it on; it tells me to get off the freeway. The next directions are:

Turn left.. In 100 yards turn left onto the onramp..

I had frickin missed my exit… How fucking embarrassing is that? I mean after all this time literally losing it because the damn GPS wouldn’t shut up; I got lost. Now, of course you know this wasn’t my fault… There was no way in hell I was responsible for this… Shoot, I don’t even need a GPS is what I thought. Why did I even turn it on to begin with?

So, I get to the college, do my thing and finish up there. When I head home later that nght, I use the GPS… Kind of like a makeup session if you will. I had to let the GPS know it’s ok… no one’s perfect…

Funny thing was; this time it worked perfectly…




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