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Posted: 2012/02/06 in 5,7,9, ep videos, People

So sorry folks. EP will be shut down for a bit. Hope to have the Blog back up shortly here before the weekend is over. Thanks, and see ya soon!


With all these internet goofball pictures out right now; it’s hard not to laugh. Even I must admit, some of these things are stupidly hilarious. To me, this is some creative ass thinking. When someone over-dramatizes the most idiotic things, it deserves a laugh. Now, I am very big on being against some of these internet fads going around. However, I myself have been dooped. But, I’m okay with it. These are frickin hilarious… hope you enjoy.

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To say that Fox has the best shows on TV right now; might be pushing it. Your right. But, have you ever sat down and actually thought about all the shows you liked growing up? Try these out for size: In Living Color, Cops, Married with Children, Malcom in the Middle, Melrose Place. Remember those? That’s right; all Fox. Now let me go head and get into 7 more just for shits and gigs…enjoy.



And this one is a tough for me because there are so many that I would consider my top 5. I can go on and on about any of the four major sports; and how each one has its own must see events. But; I will try to limit myself. These events are more like awe-inspired battles that have played out in front of me throughout the years. They make up the reasons I love sports. Anyways, got any must see attractions that top your list? Drop us a line and let us know.

Green Bay Packers Vs. New England Patriots, Super Bowl at Lambeau Field, during a snow storm…

I don’t even know if this is possible… Just the bone chill of the snow would be only a tenth of the magic I think that accompanies this event. I love football. I love the epic battles that take place under the most severe conditions. This one would be probably be close to the top in my book. (more…)

Whew, got it all out! But seriously, I don’t even know if this would be news to anyone; I actually still like a lot of these songs. Shoot, I probably have listened to these songs within the last week. Never the less, it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane. Especially when the lane is as jumbled as the 90’s were. I don’t know about anyone else, but, I didn’t really stick to one genre of music. It was a lot of rap, hip hop and rock mostly for me. Some of these here are classics; one is a one-hit wonder. But, they all were good to me at one point or another. Anyways…enjoy. (BTW, after writing this, I could have listed like 999 other’s I liked. This is just a sampling, it can’t be taken as a top nine…too many to choose from!)

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It’s time for a self-evaluation. If you or I are ever going to get out of this rut, we need to start working at it. I was recently introduced to a site called Kickstarter. Here, you can get funding for the projects you have in mind. You have to of course be creative, offer incentives and really sell yourself. But, hey; it’s a good idea. Looking through this site made me realize I haven’t really done much to try to turn my situation around. I mean, it’s not a bad situation. I have a family that loves me and a roof over my head. But, it would be nice to kind of excel past just making it, don’t you think? Here are some things I thought of on my way to “Imgonnachangeshitaroundhereville” (more…)

And the alright 80’s band is sounding awesome!

I mean, they weren’t that bad. Actually if you liked british/punk/electro rock from the 80’s, they were killer. Never the less, the band was least of my concerns. I was sitting on a six-pack an hour into dinner at a place called The Olde Ship.