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Posted: 2012/02/06 in 5,7,9, ep videos, People

So sorry folks. EP will be shut down for a bit. Hope to have the Blog back up shortly here before the weekend is over. Thanks, and see ya soon!


Technology is amazing isn’t it?

I mean really. If you know me; you know I am really saying how I feel right now. Technology IS amazing. It is so amazing that I can’t even fathom or believe some of the stuff people are coming out with. I have seen things like holographic displays from a phone to wall to wall TV screens. I have seen a 3D printer that is about the size of a shoebox; maybe a little bigger. It truly is a fact that technology is so rapidly developing. Unfortunately, when your me; you don’t get to play with that new technology or get access to it right away. This being said; I hate my GPS… And that is an understatement… (more…)

Man, I wish I could go back in time. I wish I could go back in time and smack some people before they do something stupid…

I would probably take several trips before I accomplished my mission. You know the one where I try to rid the world of douche bags? Anyways, I think most of my travels would be spent in the high school years. As in the years the person (not me) was in high school. I think I would just ask them what they’re thinking and then smack them and tell them no. Kind of like if they decide to work at a fast food place…

I know what you’re gonna say. It’s their first job, it shouldn’t be too super challenging. It should just show them proper work ethics and how to work in our society. Let me tell them what it’s not supposed to teach them…

How to be a complete knob ten years later when their still working the fries. (more…)

What was that? Someone posted something funny about their phone auto correcting itself? You don’t say… Wow, that sounds hilarious. No, wait, it doesn’t… Even though a bunch of 11 year olds thought that was funny, no human adult did. Let me take that back, no adult that’s not a complete douche bag did. Let’s set something straight real quick. The whole auto correct pictures thing should have died about 7 seconds after it started.

If you look at any one of those, they are almost all the same. And, the sad thing is; millions are lining up to see what’s next. I wish those same people would line up to get their share of a full-body ass whooping. And, a dual beat down if you thumbs up’d or liked it. If you are that person, you have fallen prey to what is wrong in America. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these: (more…)

At one time I could run off a hundred or more things that make people absolutely and ridiculously poor. Here is just a sampling to get your palette wet. Like I always say; sometimes poor has nothing to do with money. In this case, poor has nothing to do with money and everything to do with shit people do that makes them total d-bags. Every day its something different, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you havent even scratched the surface.

You come in to work with cat/dog hair on your shirt

You live with your grandma and use her broken Jacuzzi as a swimming pool in the summer

You take your truck with a blown head gasket on a road trip to Vegas

You throw your pants in the dryer when you wake up in the morning

You have an iPhone but no case or screen protector for it

You buy a rear view camera for your car

You own and regularly use a portable DVD player

You have a subwoofer running off your stock head unit

You brag about free tickets when the seats are in the nosebleeds

You wash clothes, put them on your bed to put away and sleep in the living room for the next week when it’s time to do laundry again

You still make mixed tapes/CD

You dig up $6.00 from the coin jar to get cigarettes

You have a mounted blue tooth system on your dash

You still own a vcr

You still care about cell phone minutes

Lets keep this going. Tell us some funny, real shit that makes people poor. I know there’s a lot more out there. I’m gonna add to this as I see them…


I love days like today…

You know when you get up to go to work, forget your phone. You come home to get it only to get back to work 5 minutes late. And, of course, everyone notices you’re late. Gotta love it. It’s like there’s a secret panel made up without your knowledge. This panel discusses and implements how they can personally destroy your motivation for the day… For instance, when you’re late someone is at the door saying “Oh, hey there you are. We were just getting worried about you” (more…)

End it, quickly…

Don’t even say goodbye to any of your friends, if you have any. Don’t text us, don’t FB that shit. No one gives a fuck on your status; we never have and never will. Just take a walk and don’t come back. No seriously, please don’t.

Let me get this straight, you’re mad because your broke and you don’t work?… Holding out for that perfect job huh?  I’ll help you out; if I were an employer I would not hire you. Here are some reasons why: (more…)