To say that Fox has the best shows on TV right now; might be pushing it. Your right. But, have you ever sat down and actually thought about all the shows you liked growing up? Try these out for size: In Living Color, Cops, Married with Children, Malcom in the Middle, Melrose Place. Remember those? That’s right; all Fox. Now let me go head and get into 7 more just for shits and gigs…enjoy.


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Gotta check these guys out. I would say you’re getting a gem here, but, 5 seconds is not a gem. These guys make all their films around 5 seconds long. Hence, the name 5 second films. Check em out at:

Today you’re getting a 3 piece…enjoy.


Might be the video of the month. This is classic. Guy calls, emails and writes celebrities trying to get over to their house to sleep over… That’s right, sleepover. He just says “hey, do ya mind” and they say “sure why not”. Hilarious!!! I always applaud people like this for putting themselves out there like that. It makes for good reality cmedy…enjoy!


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And this one is a tough for me because there are so many that I would consider my top 5. I can go on and on about any of the four major sports; and how each one has its own must see events. But; I will try to limit myself. These events are more like awe-inspired battles that have played out in front of me throughout the years. They make up the reasons I love sports. Anyways, got any must see attractions that top your list? Drop us a line and let us know.

Green Bay Packers Vs. New England Patriots, Super Bowl at Lambeau Field, during a snow storm…

I don’t even know if this is possible… Just the bone chill of the snow would be only a tenth of the magic I think that accompanies this event. I love football. I love the epic battles that take place under the most severe conditions. This one would be probably be close to the top in my book. Read the rest of this entry »

These guys got some neat tricks up their sleeves. If  you like lasers. Mabe thats why their YouTube channel is channel is known for their stellar laser inventions and tricks. You can check them out here:

It was hard just picking one of their videos; you really have to see all of them to appreciate how smart these guys are. For all us piro’s, heres a cool treat. Enjoy…



So, apparently there’s some nasty ass ways to prepare ramen. Of course I know you can crunch it, or, throw spam on the cooked noodles. You can do a million things with top ramen probably.

This one is kind of borderline disgusting/good. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Do me a favor, if any of you out there know about this, do tell…. Otherwise, enjoy or be grossed out; up to you…


Man, I wish I could go back in time. I wish I could go back in time and smack some people before they do something stupid…

I would probably take several trips before I accomplished my mission. You know the one where I try to rid the world of douche bags? Anyways, I think most of my travels would be spent in the high school years. As in the years the person (not me) was in high school. I think I would just ask them what they’re thinking and then smack them and tell them no. Kind of like if they decide to work at a fast food place…

I know what you’re gonna say. It’s their first job, it shouldn’t be too super challenging. It should just show them proper work ethics and how to work in our society. Let me tell them what it’s not supposed to teach them…

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