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These guys got some neat tricks up their sleeves. If  you like lasers. Mabe thats why their YouTube channel is channel is known for their stellar laser inventions and tricks. You can check them out here:

It was hard just picking one of their videos; you really have to see all of them to appreciate how smart these guys are. For all us piro’s, heres a cool treat. Enjoy…



This is actually a real funny vid. I know I say that a lot, but, I mean it this time. I swear!!! Boy tells his brother, “whatever you catch you can keep”. My d-bag ass would of said, ha-ha; I was just kidding…enjoy.


Come on, admit it. Were all friends here. Anyways, I saw this thing on TV today. It was a competition on the Food Channel kicking back to the 80’s. It reminded me of a lot of cool things that came out of the 80’s. Hair, eye shadow, jeans, skateboards, cassette tapes; you name it. It was all awesome at one time or another. Here are a couple more awesome (well, you can use your own judgment) things that came out of the 80’s. A trip down memory lane visiting those radical movies we thought we all forgot.

Howard the Duck

God this movie blows… Seriously. I remember 2 things from this movie: the guy with the disgusting tongue and the girl almost getting it on with a duck. The funny thing is, someone in this world loves this movie. As a matter of fact; it’s at least one person;s favorite movie…


Sorry non sports fans; I just couldn’t resist this one. If you’ve been asleep for the last week, you have not heard about the match-up in New England. Broncos vs. Patriots. Should be a good one. This video is a must see prior to watching the game. It’s a quick vid that delivers a good laugh making fun of this whole Brady/Tebow matchup. Anyways…enjoy.


These guys got a lot more funny videos on their site, check em out at:

This video is hilarious and I think it lives up to its name. When I first saw this, I really didn’t pay any attention to it. But, the more you listen, the more you realize this guy has something wrong with him. I like how he  says something like, “wow, I have way too much money”. Shits funny…enjoy.


Lets go skeeza’s…

I came upon this gem of a video a couple days ago. Of course my definition of gem is about 50 white ghetto ass mo-fo’s seriously making a music video called Poor White Trash. (Actually it’s P.W.T. in the video; my bad) The funniest part of this video is that these people are really trying their hardest to make this video great. When in actuality I can see all these people normally acting like this. Um, is anyone else seeing this?…enjoy.


Ok, so it might not be the best video I have put on this site, But, it could be worse. in any case its interesting to say the least. These guys have one pretty original idea: make a video about staring. Literally, thats all they do. Stare at eachother… Anyways, should be good for a laugh or two for a couple people; maybe more…enjoy.