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Gotta check these guys out. I would say you’re getting a gem here, but, 5 seconds is not a gem. These guys make all their films around 5 seconds long. Hence, the name 5 second films. Check em out at:

Today you’re getting a 3 piece…enjoy.



Might be the video of the month. This is classic. Guy calls, emails and writes celebrities trying to get over to their house to sleep over… That’s right, sleepover. He just says “hey, do ya mind” and they say “sure why not”. Hilarious!!! I always applaud people like this for putting themselves out there like that. It makes for good reality cmedy…enjoy!


Check out more from this guy at:

One of my former jobs as a Marine was teaching recruits marksmanship. How to shoot. In all my years of training, I don’t think I ever saw something as advance or well thought of as this. For those of you who don’t know what a shoot house is; it’s literally a place where people go to train in shooting . (Or the tactics involved in shooting). The thing about these shoothouses is that they have to be taken care of and the construction of them has to be superior. This is because every single facet has to be looked at in order to maintain safety at all times. These things seem simple but they are very complex. This one is probably one of the best I have ever seen. Check it out…