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So, you know I am a sucker for top tens. Especially the weird ones. I found this one right in the nick of time to cure my fix. These guys are known for their top ten’s; you should check them out when you get a chance. BTW, someone tried to sell a baby on eBay as a joke… who does that? Enjoy…


For more of these guys, check out:


What was that? Someone posted something funny about their phone auto correcting itself? You don’t say… Wow, that sounds hilarious. No, wait, it doesn’t… Even though a bunch of 11 year olds thought that was funny, no human adult did. Let me take that back, no adult that’s not a complete douche bag did. Let’s set something straight real quick. The whole auto correct pictures thing should have died about 7 seconds after it started.

If you look at any one of those, they are almost all the same. And, the sad thing is; millions are lining up to see what’s next. I wish those same people would line up to get their share of a full-body ass whooping. And, a dual beat down if you thumbs up’d or liked it. If you are that person, you have fallen prey to what is wrong in America. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these: (more…)

This is actually a real funny vid. I know I say that a lot, but, I mean it this time. I swear!!! Boy tells his brother, “whatever you catch you can keep”. My d-bag ass would of said, ha-ha; I was just kidding…enjoy.


Come on, admit it. Were all friends here. Anyways, I saw this thing on TV today. It was a competition on the Food Channel kicking back to the 80’s. It reminded me of a lot of cool things that came out of the 80’s. Hair, eye shadow, jeans, skateboards, cassette tapes; you name it. It was all awesome at one time or another. Here are a couple more awesome (well, you can use your own judgment) things that came out of the 80’s. A trip down memory lane visiting those radical movies we thought we all forgot.

Howard the Duck

God this movie blows… Seriously. I remember 2 things from this movie: the guy with the disgusting tongue and the girl almost getting it on with a duck. The funny thing is, someone in this world loves this movie. As a matter of fact; it’s at least one person;s favorite movie…


I think its fair to say I like all kinds of music. From hip hop to country, rock to theatrical music; there’s really not one I prefer more than the other. Everyone, or at least almost everyone, should know about Pandora by now. I love my Pandora. It is one of my necessities. We listen to it in the car. I play it on low at work. Shoot, it’s even free. You can skip up to 6 songs and there’s adds, but, it does little to take away from Pandora. I think I was hooked on Pandora when I first realized it did exactly what it says, it plays songs that are alike. Wether its the band members and their likeness or the genre, Pandora does a great job at matching songs that you like. Below are 7 of my favorite Pandora stations; including my #1 station, try to guess which one it is…enjoy.

2pac radio

Gotta have it. 1 – because I love 2pac and his music. 2 – because it brings me all my favorite songs from that 2pac/west coast rap era in my life. I can listen to almost any song on this station, and, most of them bring me back to a certain time in my life. Good or bad.  As I write, “hit em up” is on… (more…)

Its amazing what some people have time for. Always wanted to make one of these as a kid. Do yourself a favor; stay for the whole 3:18. Its worth it…enjoy.


For us, deciding where to go for New Years Eve is a no brainer. We enjoy ringing in the new year at the cabin. We go every single chance we get, and, we have been up there several times for New Years. Every once in a while it is nice to get away from all the noise of every day life. There are many things to do up at the cabin, here are a few that keep us coming back for more…

Our Town

Nothing beats just heading across the lake and into “town”. Well, maybe not a full town, but, that’s what we love about the cabin. Everything is situated really close to where we stay. The only bad thing is that most of the stores that make up our little town are out of business, or, at least not doing so well. Every year its hit or miss, some stores make a comeback or remain there; some don’t. It’s very hard trying to keep a store or restaurant open in the mountains. Never the less, we love the feel of our little community, nothing beats it! (more…)