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Ok, some of these would piss me off if I had to sit through and watch them. Also, some people are downright stupid sometimes. If you hit these guys on their site (below clip) you will see they have a ton of top 10’s that are sure to make you laugh…enjoy



You ever heard of a monopoly? Ever known someone who had something no one else did? I know a lot of people like this; some are awesome people, majority are not. When I was young, my friend had a computer. This was a big deal because computers were not a household name back n the 90’s. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I had a computer in my house until I was 20 years old. Never the less, he had one. And it was a nice one for the time too. I remember going over his house with my other buddy. We would all play on the computer, more them than me. See, they were good buddies, I just knew them. It was awesome to sit and watch them play countless games and I would be cheering on the side line until it was my turn. I would get to play like one round, or one game, then back to them. I learned an important lesson growing up seeing these things happen. People are assholes. (more…)

It’s impossible for me to be happy. Well, not totally impossible; my family makes me happy. Never the less, more often than not I see the endless dreary side of life that never goes away. The side that rears its ugly head when you least want it to. You know, the side that helps you to realize your poor when your credit card gets declined. Or, the side that makes you tired when you get off of work at 5 then have dinner, kids and bills to think about. What about having debt that seems impossible to get on top of, or, a truck battery dying a couple of days after spending paychecks on Christmas. That side. Its like every thing we do in life leads to a consequence; good or bad it leads to something. (more…)

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These guys are freakin hilarious. I love it…Enjoy!


And when I say gasser, I don’t mean you’re the guy who blows hot steam up everyone’s ass. But, you do blow…

Nom, Nom, Nom… (make sure to get it all)

A gasser is someone who cannot just shut the fuck up and let stuff be. He always has to branch off of someone else bs and make it 10x bigger by keeping it going. He has to keep stupid conversation going no matter how retarded or painstakingly time-consuming it might be. This guy is a winner, if someone says anything, he says: “Oh really, what happened”. (more…)

Once a Marine, always a Marine…

Yes, at one time, yours truly was indeed a Marine. For a brief span of 8 years, I earned the title, wore the uniform and got dirty for a living. One of the biggest culture changes for me was learning, understanding and fully implementing the language and ways of the military. Fully becoming a Teufel Hunden. Say again?… Dont know what that means? You will…the following is a list of terms, jargon and idiosyncrasies about the military you may not have known.

Teufel Hunden

A term the Germans gave to the Marines after fierce battle in the  Battle of Belleau Wood. The term means Devil Dog. Teufel, Devil, Devil Dog; these are terms you must get used to as a Marine. There is no way of going through one day in the Marine Corps and not hearing this word in one shape or another. This is a term of endearment. When you say this to someone, you are usually  speaking to him as if they were close family. Like a brother. “Whats up devil?” is usually the lingo spoken to another Marine to see how he or she is doing. (more…)

Have you ever thought “what was the first video on YouTube?”….

Well I’ll tell you straight out, it’s “me at the zoo” by jawed. It’s not that great, as a matter of fact, it stinks pretty bad. But, the thing that does make it awesome is that THIS DUDE HAS THE FIRST VIDEO EVER ON YOUTUBE! No one else can say that. I wish I had the first video on YouTube, just don’t know what it would be about…. Maybe it would be me showing the world how to tie a knot or something. Or, maybe I would record a video of me scaring a buddy. All I know is it would have to be something I didn’t even think would go big, just something I wanted to videotape at the time. I think its fair to say that originality has played a big part in some of the most memorable YouTube videos. Here are some I picked out of the old ones, starting with the very 1st one played first on this post of course. Some of these are funny, some of these are just weird and almost depressing. Enjoy…

Me at the zoo (jawed)