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Might be the video of the month. This is classic. Guy calls, emails and writes celebrities trying to get over to their house to sleep over… That’s right, sleepover. He just says “hey, do ya mind” and they say “sure why not”. Hilarious!!! I always applaud people like this for putting themselves out there like that. It makes for good reality cmedy…enjoy!


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Whew, got it all out! But seriously, I don’t even know if this would be news to anyone; I actually still like a lot of these songs. Shoot, I probably have listened to these songs within the last week. Never the less, it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane. Especially when the lane is as jumbled as the 90’s were. I don’t know about anyone else, but, I didn’t really stick to one genre of music. It was a lot of rap, hip hop and rock mostly for me. Some of these here are classics; one is a one-hit wonder. But, they all were good to me at one point or another. Anyways…enjoy. (BTW, after writing this, I could have listed like 999 other’s I liked. This is just a sampling, it can’t be taken as a top nine…too many to choose from!)

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