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There are so many things to do in Vegas. I think that might be the super-under statement of the millennium. I mean; if you can think of it, you can do it. I have heard of being able to sky-dive to having your own chef in your hotel suite. The possibilities are endless. While I will probably never have a private chef in my room, I do like to think I do a lot of other things besides gambling. I like to try something different every time I go there. That being said, my family and I have seen plenty of entertainment you might not think twice about doing when you go to Vegas. Here are some of my favorite experiences that I have taken part of in Las Vegas. What’s your must-do’s when you’re in Vegas?

Eating, a lot… anywhere

One of my favorite things to do anywhere I go is to eat. So it only seems right that I start with the most obvious. I am not a big fish person, but, one of the best buffets in Vegas I have been to is seafood Buffet at the Bellagio. When you think Bellagio, you think expensive. Your right; it’s a bit pricey compared to the other buffets on the strip But, it’s worth it. We go there every visit because the food is so good. My family loves seafood where as I go straight to the steak and other assorted meats. A couple more highlights of this place is that it feels like your special/entitled when your there. The food is great, the ambience is awesome and the service is outstanding. Another great food experience we had there was eating at the Restaurant in the replica Paris Eifel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas. Just don’t get the froie gras… Now I know why I don’t ever try anything new. But, this place has the best service hands down I have ever had in Vegas. It’s almost that “leave me alone” service. But, once you realize your fully taken care of; you really value the experience. (more…)


Don’t you love when you find out something interesting that not too many people know?… Well since you put it that way, I guess it really isn’t a big deal; smartass! For, the rest of us; I found this little vid about some not so important and some very important facts you might not have known. Do me a favor, get over the slow intro and the crappy music. It’s actually a really interesting/fact filled way to spend 5 minutes…enjoy.



I think its fair to say I like all kinds of music. From hip hop to country, rock to theatrical music; there’s really not one I prefer more than the other. Everyone, or at least almost everyone, should know about Pandora by now. I love my Pandora. It is one of my necessities. We listen to it in the car. I play it on low at work. Shoot, it’s even free. You can skip up to 6 songs and there’s adds, but, it does little to take away from Pandora. I think I was hooked on Pandora when I first realized it did exactly what it says, it plays songs that are alike. Wether its the band members and their likeness or the genre, Pandora does a great job at matching songs that you like. Below are 7 of my favorite Pandora stations; including my #1 station, try to guess which one it is…enjoy.

2pac radio

Gotta have it. 1 – because I love 2pac and his music. 2 – because it brings me all my favorite songs from that 2pac/west coast rap era in my life. I can listen to almost any song on this station, and, most of them bring me back to a certain time in my life. Good or bad.  As I write, “hit em up” is on… (more…)

Its amazing what some people have time for. Always wanted to make one of these as a kid. Do yourself a favor; stay for the whole 3:18. Its worth it…enjoy.


Ok, some of these would piss me off if I had to sit through and watch them. Also, some people are downright stupid sometimes. If you hit these guys on their site (below clip) you will see they have a ton of top 10’s that are sure to make you laugh…enjoy


You ever heard of a monopoly? Ever known someone who had something no one else did? I know a lot of people like this; some are awesome people, majority are not. When I was young, my friend had a computer. This was a big deal because computers were not a household name back n the 90’s. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I had a computer in my house until I was 20 years old. Never the less, he had one. And it was a nice one for the time too. I remember going over his house with my other buddy. We would all play on the computer, more them than me. See, they were good buddies, I just knew them. It was awesome to sit and watch them play countless games and I would be cheering on the side line until it was my turn. I would get to play like one round, or one game, then back to them. I learned an important lesson growing up seeing these things happen. People are assholes. (more…)

Check this out; this guy’s hilarious. First time I heard this I laughed my ass off. The best ones are the lines that aren’t meant to be funny…enjoy.