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And the alright 80’s band is sounding awesome!

I mean, they weren’t that bad. Actually if you liked british/punk/electro rock from the 80’s, they were killer. Never the less, the band was least of my concerns. I was sitting on a six-pack an hour into dinner at a place called The Olde Ship.



At one time I could run off a hundred or more things that make people absolutely and ridiculously poor. Here is just a sampling to get your palette wet. Like I always say; sometimes poor has nothing to do with money. In this case, poor has nothing to do with money and everything to do with shit people do that makes them total d-bags. Every day its something different, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you havent even scratched the surface.

You come in to work with cat/dog hair on your shirt

You live with your grandma and use her broken Jacuzzi as a swimming pool in the summer

You take your truck with a blown head gasket on a road trip to Vegas

You throw your pants in the dryer when you wake up in the morning

You have an iPhone but no case or screen protector for it

You buy a rear view camera for your car

You own and regularly use a portable DVD player

You have a subwoofer running off your stock head unit

You brag about free tickets when the seats are in the nosebleeds

You wash clothes, put them on your bed to put away and sleep in the living room for the next week when it’s time to do laundry again

You still make mixed tapes/CD

You dig up $6.00 from the coin jar to get cigarettes

You have a mounted blue tooth system on your dash

You still own a vcr

You still care about cell phone minutes

Lets keep this going. Tell us some funny, real shit that makes people poor. I know there’s a lot more out there. I’m gonna add to this as I see them…


If you have never seen Pineapple Express, go see it. Not because it’s the best movie ever (its funny, not the funniest) just because it has some pretty hilarious parts. James Franco is a great actor, and he’s hilarious. This is just one in a serious of videos where he shows you how to act. Too funny…enjoy


Has to be one of my all-time favorites. Dude is literally getting pranked by himself. Someone called this guy over and over and recorded his voice; specifically cursing.  At one point he even realizes the voice on the phone sounds like himself. Too funny…enjoy.


That bicycle exhaust system got me thinking of some cool inventions I have seen over the years. Of course I have also seen some really bad ones too. Some of these are unnecessary and some, well, I think everyone wish they had. My favorite has to be the brownie pan. I have come up with a lot of inventions in my head that I see in everyday life. Kudos to these people for at least putting themselves out there…enjoy

Ramen Fan


Oh yeah, just when you had to wait 30 seconds to take a bite. This invention is actually ingenious; however people will most-likely never have this as a household item of necessity. (more…)

I think its fair to say I like all kinds of music. From hip hop to country, rock to theatrical music; there’s really not one I prefer more than the other. Everyone, or at least almost everyone, should know about Pandora by now. I love my Pandora. It is one of my necessities. We listen to it in the car. I play it on low at work. Shoot, it’s even free. You can skip up to 6 songs and there’s adds, but, it does little to take away from Pandora. I think I was hooked on Pandora when I first realized it did exactly what it says, it plays songs that are alike. Wether its the band members and their likeness or the genre, Pandora does a great job at matching songs that you like. Below are 7 of my favorite Pandora stations; including my #1 station, try to guess which one it is…enjoy.

2pac radio

Gotta have it. 1 – because I love 2pac and his music. 2 – because it brings me all my favorite songs from that 2pac/west coast rap era in my life. I can listen to almost any song on this station, and, most of them bring me back to a certain time in my life. Good or bad.  As I write, “hit em up” is on… (more…)

Its amazing what some people have time for. Always wanted to make one of these as a kid. Do yourself a favor; stay for the whole 3:18. Its worth it…enjoy.