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Whew, got it all out! But seriously, I don’t even know if this would be news to anyone; I actually still like a lot of these songs. Shoot, I probably have listened to these songs within the last week. Never the less, it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane. Especially when the lane is as jumbled as the 90’s were. I don’t know about anyone else, but, I didn’t really stick to one genre of music. It was a lot of rap, hip hop and rock mostly for me. Some of these here are classics; one is a one-hit wonder. But, they all were good to me at one point or another. Anyways…enjoy. (BTW, after writing this, I could have listed like 999 other’s I liked. This is just a sampling, it can’t be taken as a top nine…too many to choose from!)

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I think its fair to say I like all kinds of music. From hip hop to country, rock to theatrical music; there’s really not one I prefer more than the other. Everyone, or at least almost everyone, should know about Pandora by now. I love my Pandora. It is one of my necessities. We listen to it in the car. I play it on low at work. Shoot, it’s even free. You can skip up to 6 songs and there’s adds, but, it does little to take away from Pandora. I think I was hooked on Pandora when I first realized it did exactly what it says, it plays songs that are alike. Wether its the band members and their likeness or the genre, Pandora does a great job at matching songs that you like. Below are 7 of my favorite Pandora stations; including my #1 station, try to guess which one it is…enjoy.

2pac radio

Gotta have it. 1 – because I love 2pac and his music. 2 – because it brings me all my favorite songs from that 2pac/west coast rap era in my life. I can listen to almost any song on this station, and, most of them bring me back to a certain time in my life. Good or bad.  As I write, “hit em up” is on… (more…)