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Once a Marine, always a Marine…

Yes, at one time, yours truly was indeed a Marine. For a brief span of 8 years, I earned the title, wore the uniform and got dirty for a living. One of the biggest culture changes for me was learning, understanding and fully implementing the language and ways of the military. Fully becoming a Teufel Hunden. Say again?… Dont know what that means? You will…the following is a list of terms, jargon and idiosyncrasies about the military you may not have known.

Teufel Hunden

A term the Germans gave to the Marines after fierce battle in the  Battle of Belleau Wood. The term means Devil Dog. Teufel, Devil, Devil Dog; these are terms you must get used to as a Marine. There is no way of going through one day in the Marine Corps and not hearing this word in one shape or another. This is a term of endearment. When you say this to someone, you are usually  speaking to him as if they were close family. Like a brother. “Whats up devil?” is usually the lingo spoken to another Marine to see how he or she is doing. (more…)